Trade Accelerators

Trade Accelerators

– Individual Companies and Businesses

Our trade accelerator programs are designed to support company directors in gaining rapid traction in a new market, and are tailored to meet every individual business’ objectives.

From helping to devise a market entry business plan, to building a team of overseas advisors, and meeting potential customers for market research and business development purposes, our accelerators do exactly that, they get you to the answers you need, and start new business flowing faster.

Often structured as three months preparation and remote meetings followed by a bespoke enhanced ‘trade mission’ format, with support on the following aspects:

  • Travel, logistics & planning
  • Marketing materials if needed
  • Professional advisor introductions in market
  • Recruitment locally in the USA
  • Media activity in both UK & US
  • Government and civic introductions
  • Receptions & event management
  • Sponsorship & partnerships
  • Digital marketing
  • Lead generation & telesales
  • One to one meeting schedules

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No two projects we deliver are the same. Every client has different needs, targets and messages; but all desire leads, connections and sales opportunities. We help them succeed through our integrated approach and our unique positioning in the UK and US.

We’re proud to help our clients across many and varied sectors Explore, Launch and Grow, whatever stage of they’re at when it comes to expanding into the US.

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