Great British Marketing offers North American businesses marketing in the UK cost-effective expert guidance, analysis and profile support when entering or growing their share of the lucrative UK market.

We can help organizations finalize their UK and European market business plans, initiate C-suite relationships with potential partners and customers and help to rapidly establish a media and market profile suitable for marketing in the UK.

Our local UK knowledge is unrivaled, couple this with our USA and UK presence and we are uniquely placed to bridge the marketing and development gap for American businesses crossing the Atlantic.

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Our team provides cost-effective advice, expert analysis and profile support to UK businesses entering or growing their share of the lucrative US market.

We can help businesses finalise their US marketing plans, initiate director-level relationships with prospective partners stateside and help to quickly establish market profile in North America.

Our UK and USA presence means we are uniquely placed to deliver marketing and business development strategies for British businesses crossing the pond, without many of the associated costs and inconvenience.

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"As always, the British especially shudder at the latest American vulgarity, and then they embrace it with enthusiasm two years later."

Alistair Cooke