US Marketing Services

US Marketing Services


The Great British Marketing team is a talented transatlantic blend of marketing, business development and profile experts which offers a combination of cost-effective expert guidance and market analysis, project management and marketing delivery to UK businesses targeting the US market.

As UK and European businesses increasingly look to the buoyant USA market for new opportunities, to attract agents or distributors and investigate joint ventures, we get on board to integrate with your business from day one, helping your organization to finalize its US market business plans.

We don’t just talk about it; we are actually on the ground on both sides of the Atlantic working for both UK and US clients across a range of sectors.

Brits and Americans may all speak a similar language with a different accent, but we know the many differences between the two markets, and we can save your business time and money with a ‘soft landing’ in the US.

If you’re looking for a fully integrated service, our mix of business and sales acumen combined with expert traditional and digital marketing capabilities and a growing expert US network is unrivalled.

Coupled with our UK and USA presence and we are uniquely placed to bridge the marketing and business development gap for UK businesses targeting the US market.

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No two projects we deliver are the same. Every client has different needs, targets and messages; but all desire leads, connections and sales opportunities. We help them succeed through our integrated approach and our unique positioning in the UK and US.

We’re proud to help our clients across many and varied sectors Explore, Launch and Grow, whatever stage of they’re at when it comes to expanding into the US.

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