UK welcomes US temperature and environment monitoring specialist AVTECH Software

UK welcomes US temperature and environment monitoring specialist AVTECH Software

Offering a range of precision technology, the founder and CEO of AVTECH Software are coming to the UK in September 2018 to help businesses eliminate downtime caused by environmental factors. It develops and manufactures both software and hardware for over 180 countries, with a reputation for proactive monitoring with its RoomAlert systems.

Downtime for UK businesses brings the risk of lost sales, declining customer confidence and expensive emergency repairs; all issues companies could do without.

AVTECH Software is looking to connect with resellers, installers and specifiers in the UK’s IT sector that would be well-placed to offer its products. IT engineers and Data Centre managers looking for ways to proactively monitor their crucial hardware will also find AVTECH Software products an ideal solution. Don’t wait until it’s too late, AVTECH Software products put your mind at ease and your safeguard your future.

Whether it’s dangerously high humidity in your server room or a broken ventilation unit causing a temperature increase in your warehouse, AVTECH have RoomAlert solutions to monitor and safeguard all your business critical assets. Companies in the FMCG sector or businesses with large data centres can particularly benefit from minutely accurate monitoring, with alerts sent out the second the finely balanced environments have been disturbed. By encouraging proactive monitoring in business continuity plans AVTECH Software are helping businesses spot potentially crippling disasters well before they cause a problem.

They also offers more preventative measures such as the emergency server room flood kit. These kits can sit dormant in areas containing sensitive data and rapidly expand on contact with water, soaking up over two gallons to protect your chosen locations and save crucial time in the fight against flooding. Downtime caused by flooding alone cost UK Businesses over £513m in 2016, so being able to act fast and spot danger early poses a staggering potential saving.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with AVTECH Software during their trade mission from the 15th – 22nd of September please make contact using the form or call on  01423 56 99 99


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