American IP law expert Feeney Law Group visits UK

American IP law expert Feeney Law Group visits UK

Feeney Law Group, a US firm specialising in IP and patent strategy, is sending its Managing Partner and its Executive Director to the UK as part of a trade mission between 15 and 22 September.  

Feeney Law Group is aiming to connect with IP specialist lawyers at partner level, offering its valuable knowledge of the US IP legal landscape. For UK businesses dealing with biotechnology, the Group is seeking lead chemists or R&D manager who want to innovate and bring their product to the US.

With over 25 years’ experience both filing patents and defending intellectual property, the firm is well placed to help UK businesses to bring their ideas across the Atlantic and safely into the US market.

Feeney Law focuses on medical technologies and life sciences, offering support and legal advice for businesses in every phase of product development, from initial research to production and sales.

Feeney Law’s patent research provides solid foundations for UK businesses planning to export as it covers prior art searches, patent licensing support, patent application drafting, patent portfolio management and landscape studies.

The firm’s experience assisting both Fortune 500 companies and smaller American businesses, enables Feeney Law to adapt to any client or sector, spanning agriculture, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, to name a few. The firm also prides itself on simple and transparent fee structures with set prices for individual services and plans available for a dedicated full time IP lawyer for your business.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with Feeney Law during the trade mission of the 15th – 22nd of September, please make contact using the form or call on 01423 56 99 99


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