Seafloor analysts Inspire Environmental visit UK

Seafloor analysts Inspire Environmental visit UK

The CEO of Inspire Environmental, who represents an integrated team of US scientists delivering seafloor analysis solutions, is coming to the UK as part of a September trade mission. Between the 15th and 22nd September, Inspire Environmental will be bringing its unique blend of sediment profile imaging and acoustic mapping to UK organisations.

Inspire Environmental aims to connect with UK businesses in the offshore construction process as well as ecological or conservation focused organisations. By creating a comprehensive picture of a particular marine area, the company is able to give its clients the opportunity to safely pursue seafloor projects.

Offshore infrastructure is a large part of the international economy with billions invested in offshore energy initiatives across the world, so understanding the terrain is vital for both commercial and government clients. Inspire Environmental understands the need for extreme accuracy and its “worms eye view” of the seafloor, provided by unique camera that “optically cores” the sediments, ensures a precise map of the terrain.

Inspire Environmental has worked for energy giants like BP and Exxon-Mobil as well as non-profits and the US navy, providing solutions for cable routing, measurements of water quality and  data about coastal hazards.

With over 30 years’ experience studying marine environments, Inspire Environmental also specialises in ecological studies and habitat surveys. Organisations planning to conduct environmental impact studies for proposed building work will be able to get a clear picture of the terrain, covering detailed 3D renderings of the seafloor, habitat maps, sediment profiles, wildlife surveys, and more.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with Inspire Environmental during the trade mission of the 15th – 22nd of September, please make contact using the form or call on  01423 56 99 99


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