Specialist polyurethane manufacturer MPC to visit UK

Specialist polyurethane manufacturer MPC to visit UK

Mearthane Products Corporation (MPC) is aiming to secure UK customers for its precision polyurethane design and manufacturing services. The company’s Senior Vice President in charge of business development will be in the UK between 15 and 22 September, in order to connect with innovators and designers who require specialist polyurethane parts.

Design houses that want their products to push the boundaries should consider MPC because of its flexibility and the range of military-grade materials it is able to produce. Contract manufacturers of highly complex products, with a need to innovate, are also key targets for Mearthane during its visit.

The business, which has been established for 50 years, is a veteran owned specialist manufacturer with a proven track record in many sectors, and a range of global clients. Over the years, the company has consistently been first to market with breakthroughs that have subsequently set industry standards.

MPC casts products and components to the precise standards defined by clients, usually design engineers, and is a key supplier in highly complex manufactured products where high performance, reliability, durability and precision are required. It creates rollers, tubes, belts and a variety of moulded shapes to specific client requirements, enhancing key properties such as hardness and wear resistance.

Mearthane also caters for every level of the design process, from the initial idea to full production. Offering this comprehensive approach to production means MPC can support a range of quantities from single prototypes to full large scale supply batches.

MPC’s work features in a host of sectors and products, spanning aerospace parts, cycling, printers, skateboards and medical equipment. It also holds over 20 innovative patents, including imparting electrical conductivity to polyurethane parts.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with MPC during the trade mission of the 15th – 22nd of September please make contact using the form or call on  01423 56 99 99


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