US Coffee roasting company to visit UK

US Coffee roasting company to visit UK

The owner of Mills Coffee Roasting Co., a family-run roasting company first established back in 1860, is coming to the UK between the 15th and 22nd of September to connect with businesses interested in selling sustainable coffee roasted with over 150 years of expertise .

Mills Coffee is aiming to meet wholesalers, distributors, retailers and independent coffee chains that could sell its range of quality, shade-grown, arabica coffees in the UK market.

The retail division for the Mills Coffee Roasting Co. is Queen Bean Coffee. It handles distribution and sales to bakeries, caterers, event planners, coffee chains, small offices, specialty markets, start-ups and individual coffee lovers.

The company’s roasting process is tailored to the bean and the customer, so whether it’s a small custom batch with a charitable cause, or an industrial scale production ready for retail, Mills has a roasting solution for every client. This flexibility is achieved by marrying the purchasing power and technology of a large commercial roaster with the attention to detail and ‘storytelling’ of a small batch roaster. Being an importer as well as a roaster, the company has the capability to offer highly competitive pricing to corporate and high volume customers.

The UK’s coffee shop market was worth £9.6bn at the end of 2017; one of the strongest coffee markets in Europe. With such a strong and competitive market, UK consumers are increasingly looking for more environmentally responsible products. Mills’ passion for eco-conscious business, along with established provenance and flexible roasting capabilities, means it is well placed to join the thriving UK market.

Mills supplies over unique 40 flavours, with options to create your own, all including beans that support charitable causes around the world. A continued passion for storytelling and design also ensures that coffee bought from Mills looks as authentic as its roots, with custom tote bags and hand-wrapped event favours available for home, office, events or as gifts.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with Mills Coffee during the trade mission of the 15th – 22nd of September please make contact using the form or call on  01423 56 99 99 99


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