US logistics provider Vincent Porcaro Inc visits UK

US logistics provider Vincent Porcaro Inc visits UK

Vincent Porcaro Inc (VPI) is coming to the UK between 15 and 22 September to offer UK businesses its expertise in reaching the American market.

A comprehensive third party logistics provider set up in 1996, VPI has managed supply chains for renowned international brands including Wal-Mart and Yankee Candle.

VPI’s Director of Operations and its Sales Manager are visiting the UK to connect with UK manufacturers of retail or B2B products that sell large volumes in the US, or require regular pick and pack orders across America. UK online retailers that need a white label inventory, with high volume and turnaround, would also benefit from VPI’s extensive US distribution network.

With its leading value added service, VPI can consolidate orders, negotiate shipping charges and even assemble and stock POS displays ready for store distribution. Configuration, final assembly and  other functions normally performed as part of the final finishing process, can all be done by VPI, saving its clients time and money. Where UK logistics providers do not have a US partner, VPI can also offer services on a white label basis, cutting out fees and complex negotiations.

Quality control is key at VPI, with tailored supply chain systems for each client, plus bar coding, random cart checks and real time tracking, it prides itself on vigilance in this time sensitive market. And with its extra packaging and manufacturing skills, VPI is also able to unpack, repair and repack merchandise from customers to ensure it never loses sight of your distribution goals.

With over 20 years’ experience and a proven value added service, Vincent Porcaro Inc can offer UK businesses a secure way into the US market.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with VPI during the trade mission of the 15th – 22nd of September please make contact using the form or call on  01423 56 99 99


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